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30 Meter Hose & Metal Hanger - Nude

30 Meter Hose & Metal Hanger - Nude

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Our Designer garden hoses are perfect for bringing a touch of style and sophistication to your outdoor space.

We have 3 different colours to choose from which will become the centrepiece of your outdoor space. The lightweight design makes them easy to manoeuvre, with the durable construction, plus UV-protection to prevent bleaching from sun exposure ensures long lasting use.

(Brass fittings sold separately) 


Dimension: 1/2"

Includes: 30 Meter Hose & Matching Hanger. 

Material: PVC (hose) Metal (hose hanger)

How to Use

Our designer hoses are just like any regular hose, so it's all pretty self explanatory, but here are some extra tips. 

The ends of our 30 meter hoses are clamped together, we have compressed the hoses to avoid flat spots and creases. All you need to do is cut off both ends to let out the air. 

Unravel your hose and lay it out completely flat, removing all the twists and bends, that are naturally caused in manufacturing. You don’t want any pulls or resistance left in the hose. Leave it out in the sun for a few hours, the natural heat from the sun will soften the hose. Please remember that your hose will become easier to roll up over time.

We have added a kink resistant element to our new hoses, but this does not mean it is completely kink resistant. The hose will soften and gets easier to use over time.

Attach your desired fittings (not included) and run water through the hose until it runs clear. There will be residue in the hose which is unavoidable in manufacturing.

Make sure when you’re rolling it back up you avoid twisting and bending the hose. 

Before you mount your hanger, we suggest using a rust guard to protect the metal from the elements.

To mount your hanger we recommend using two wall plugs and white screws (not included). For people renting, you have the option to use the middle section to hang over a tap or hook, so you don't have to screw it to any walls. 


The Details

Application Rate: 

Volume: 100ml. Makes up to 100L 

Bottle Material: Glass

Application Rate: 

1ml per 1 litre of water, as required. Each pipette has measurements marked out so you won’t need to do any guesswork

Typical Analysis: 

Nitrogen:     ​  (N) 12%

Phosphorus: (P) 2% 

Potassium: ​   (K) 12%

Trace Elements:

 (B) Boron

(Fe) Iron

(Mn) Manganese

(Zn) Zinc

(Cu) Copper

(Mo) Molybdenum

(Mg) Magnesium

(Ca) Calcium

Plus Seaweed.

The How To

Shake before using.

Add 1ml of Indoor Plant Food to 1 litre of water and water your plants as normal.

To keep your plants well fed, fertilise every 2-4 weeks over Spring and Summer or while your plants are actively growing. You can reduce feeding to once every 6 weeks at half strength over Winter.

For sensitive plants, feed at half strength.

Store out of direct sunlight. 

Can be used as a foliar spray when added to a mister. 

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